Technologies That Will Further Improve Internet Speed

We are living in a computer world and when we talk about computer, we cannot disregard the importance of the internet. It is surprising to know that more than half percent of the total population in the world don’t have internet access. Fortunately, there are research and development projects that aim to improve internet access and speed.

The goal is to get the world online all at once. Thanks to our sponsor at Eugene Carpet Cleaning, we’ll take a closer look at the technologies that will make the internet speed super fast.  You can visit our sponsors by clicking here.

Solar-powered internet-beaming drone

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook is in a mission to connect the entire globe to the internet. He aims to launch a big soaring drone to beam out the world’s access to the internet. Facebook has its own connectivity lab and it made a solar-powered drone. It has a massive wingspan. In June 2016, the first test flight was done and it was a success. The research still continues to work on it by equipping it with the most advanced innovation. The goal is to come up with a highly energy-efficient drone that simultaneously beams out internet access to areas that need internet. 

Wireless internet access based on LEDs

A French start-up has come up with a wireless internet technology using LED. It is said to be a hundred times faster than the current WiFi. This technology is called Li-Fi. It uses the flicker rate of the LED lamp; a frequency higher than the radio waves of the existing wireless internet. It is called Li-Fi because it is dependent on light. Without light, it won’t work. The strength of this technology is its secure nature making it perfect in places where privacy is a must. 

Internet Access in Deep Space

Is it possible? Well, anything is possible with NASA. Scott Kelly, an American astronaut became an internet star when he posted a jaw-dropping view of the earth from his outpost in the stars. NASA was able to deploy a new technology to the ISS that could be used to relay internet service into deep space. 

Mits Faster WiFi

The researchers at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab came up with a new wireless internet that is way faster than the existing internet speed. Its bandwidth is twice the existing technology. It uses multiple transmitters and receivers so as to simultaneously relay the data and increase the number of data in a particular bandwidth. It addresses spectrum crunch by distributing data differently so as to prevent congestion on the network.